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Hype and potential disappointment

March 2, 2009

So….Killzone 2. Possibly the most hyped game since Pong, was released last friday. I, as an avid playstation fanboy, picked it up on day one threw it in my system and began to play. After three levels, I tried some multiplayer and after two games I feel asleep. Sunday comes around and I have an entire day to murder “innocent” Helgast, but I slide in the one of the other games floating around FTMO towers, The Bourne Conspiracy for the 360. After finishing it in a few hours i turned the playstation back on and popped in GTA4 and played a few missions for trophies. It’s now monday night i still have no real desire to play it. I’m not really sure why.

I’m not entirely sure if its the massive amount of the hype surround the game or the fact that the FPS genre has become stale. I’m leaning towards the second option mainly because i hated REsistance 2 and COD:World At War.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is amazing. It’s visually stunning, the surround sound is chilling, especially when Helgan voices come from behind and you spin around only to be bloodied by the but their rifle. The shooting mechanics are only to be rivaled by Call of Duty 4, with each gun and grenade having it’s own weight, recoil and accuracy that feels just right. The multiplayer is hugely in-depth even if it is gimped by either the crap or the hardcore. The offline is the first game in recent memory with bots. The Controls can be flipped and changed o suit a slow and methodical player to a quick fast one to allows massive amounts of speedy massacre. And the integration is awesome. Even with all the good I just have no desire to play it.

The hype given to Killzone 2 I don’t think has done it much good. I very doubt it’ll stand up to the hype and last in the collective gamer conscious for too long and if it does it may do what Killzone 1 failed to do… be the Halo killer.

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