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February 16, 2009
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I like my bed, its the comfiest thing in the world, everything in life is just a distraction for being in bed. The problem is I like my bed so much I don’t tend to get out of it in a hurry. As a result I need a powerful alarm clock to get my fully awake and ready for the morning. This is where Awaken comes in. Its an alarm clock program that can run off your iTunes library and help you get up in the morning. Powered with a powerful sound system and no one can sleep through it.

Get Out Of Bed

Awaken by the big hint in the name is a program to set off alarms. There is two ways to do this. You can either use the normal general alarm for getting up in the morning or an egg timer for quick one off alarms. Each alarm can either be used with your iTunes library or a set of sounds which you can add yourself. Its really simple.

When the alarm goes off you get presented with an a nice interface. For example it shows the current song, album art and any notes you have added with the alarm. There is also a notes feature so you can tell youself what you want to do in the morning. There is also the added feature of being able to use the Apple remote and view the alarm in full screen.


Although there are many free alarm clock applications out there I don’t think there is one which is as well designed as Awaken. I am not just saying that because they advertise here, its well laid out and the way it works is really simple, you are not wondering how to do something. The only problem I have with the application is that it can take over your computer if you are using it before the alarm goes off. I haven’t yet looked into how to get around this. Other than that is a good little app, pretty reasonable to.

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