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A Weeks Worth Of Musings

January 26, 2009

lets get right into it with some quick fire reviews.

skate 2: like skate one except with a few more features but dont let that put you off it still as fun and as addictive as skate one and wipes the floor with any tony hawk game.

the wrestler: one of the most awesome films of this year or last year whenever it came out it truely lifts the veil on the world of wrestling and mickey rourke’s performance is amazing.

defiance: a pretty good film based on the true story of a group of jewish brothers, but daniel craig is still very woodern as a performer moderately enjoyable.

too human: i picked this up for a £10 on a game deal its a very flawd game the main examples being the camera and the combat but the story is suprisingly well written so if you see it for a tenner grab it but pay no more.

the first official podcast of 2009 will take place on the 4th of february where many things will be spoken on like my birthday!

i watched the royal rumble last night predictable but still enjoyable with a very suprising appearance which almost made me wee my pants.

i must dash i will post more anon


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