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And This Was The Week That Was

January 8, 2009

I said i was gonna post here it is me posting look im typing words and everything! ive grabbed bits and pieces of news from lots of sites and ive got a review of the spirt and preview of skate 2 coming from the demo that was released earlier today.

some awesome news i only found out minutes ago mass effect 2 will b e shown in some degree at the Game Developers Conference, i dont care what it is just them talking about it is more than enough to get me salivating as im playing through mass effect on hardcore as we speak. also for some reason the war of words between sony and microsoft over their respective consoles seems to have flared up again after xbox say something about blu-ray so sony said something about the cost of microsoft add-ons then microsoft counted by saying something about sonys mum all i know is its going to end in tears.

FALLOUT NINJAS! need i say more.

now i watched the spirit recently, i was hotly anticipating this film as i adore frank miller and his sin city and 300 graphic novels and the films. now id heard a couple of duff reviews of it so i did not go into it with much hope of it being as good as those 2 films, what i got was in my mind a highly enjoyable comic book film usually comic book films tend to try and translate the comics into reality which rarely works, what frank miller has done is held the comic book up to a camera and turned the pages really fast, big fights a set hero a set villian & beautiful babes if you are looking for plot and suspense then you have come to the wrong movie, but if you enjoy the film noir comic style and like to switch the mind off for an 1 hour and half come along and enjoy the ride.

i loved skate, im gonna love skate 2 fact. i would have loved it if they had just rehashed the first game but they have not from the demo the graphic have increased significantly and it runs much more smoothly, in the demo you do a bit of what i take is the opening of the game and 2 mutliplayer modes the returning spot battle and the new hall of meat. the single player portion is much like the skate 1 demo basically learning the ropes and a few new things and explore slappys new park. what ive seen of the character creation it is much more deeper than skate 1 now you are finally able to wear your caps backwards. onto the multiplayer cant really say anything about spot battle as i aint played it yet but i assume its exactly the same as skate 1, but hall of meat that is the game mode ive been wanting, you basically have to throw your skateboarder off stuff, into stuff pretty much trying to destroy him to get points and it is awesomely good fun i cant wait for it to drop on the 23rd.

well that was quite long enjoy that read.


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