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The Facebook/Twitter Experiment II

December 3, 2008

RIght so, It wednesday morning andthe experiment has gone well. I have to admit it is quite nice shouting what I’m doing to the world, not only to keep track of what I am doing each and everyday but to make me realise that some days I do absolutly nothing.
The downside to the whole thing is that its annoying getting emails every 5 minutes or so commenting on the update which is followed up by said commentier sparking a conversation about the update. I’ll give you ane example, I posted something along the lines of “sitting in the pub eating nachos”….which is fine….You should be thinking yeah Hobbs is in the pub not causing mischeif in the outside world….but no…I recieved a comment about nachos and how Mrs X loves them so only to be followed up with an attempted conversation over facebook via my iPhone about what kind of nacho cheese I had. I willingly turned off the iPhone for the first time in months. Hopefully people might get bored of my updates and leave me alone…but doesn’t the fact that nobody is interested mean that the point of the updates no longer exsist.
I’m going to the cafe before my brain explodes.


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