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More Thoughts On The NXE

November 21, 2008

Yes I know i aint posted in a while ive been asleep, anyway to the point at hand as mr.hobbs mentioned in his post the other day the 19th of november at 10:00am the New Xbox Experience flooded the land, now my connection being better than his it only took a minute to install ( 😛 ) ahem* all serious now but yes the intro is very odd the term ‘ideas above its station’ comes to mind but least get to the meat of the issues.

The Good:

– i like the games that you can use your avatars in if you aint played a kingdom for keflings i suggest you do, no 1 vs. 100 yet but i see good things happening with avatar based gaming.

– the next big thing for me is the 8 person party chat because this makes socialising so much easier as in co-ordinating a multiplayer game or all just chatting playing seperate games.

– the less intruding mini dashboard that pops up when you hit the guide button is also very nicely set out and the whole marketplace just feels more organized

The Okay:

– the avatars themselves are a nice thing, its quite cool seeing a little representation of you waving but i do see there being a big market for game branded clothing i just hope it dont go style over substance.

The Bad:

– the only issue is the general teething problems with connection that the updates seem to bring i expect them to be ironed out shortly so not really a big factor.

check back friday afternoon for podcast 10 which will mostly involve me screaming how good left 4 dead is BIG WIN!

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  1. SMICIARCAGO permalink
    December 3, 2008 2:26 am

    hi there!

    Thank you for your website 🙂 xoxoxo

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