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Interweb Insider – Messenger Plus! Live

September 4, 2008

Those who use AIM or facebook/myspace/IM can stop reading now. MSN messenger is my and many of my friends chosen IM of choice and many a lol and OMG have passed through it on the interwebs. This weeks interweb insider is Messenger Plus! Live a freeware app that enhances MSN messenger and adds features including a set text formatting codes similar to BBCode, custom status tags, multiple instances, event logging, chat logging and encryption, contacts on desktop, auto-reply messages, emotion sounds, tabbed chatting, messenger locking and JScript scripting allowing users to add their own functionality. Version 4.50 added support for skinning Windows Live Messenger without the user having to physically edit the program’s resource files. All incredibly useful stuff.
Version 4.70.334 was released not so long ago, which fixed many of the freeware’s bugs. There is no better time to download it than now (maybe when the next version is up but…Pfft).

Click here to download version 4.70.334
Click here for the website

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