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The Best Of The Mind Of Hobbs – IV

August 28, 2008

Keep Rolling

From this point onwards, everything I’ve said has been wrong. Tonights episode was a hilarious OMFG moment. One of the best twists I’ve seen in any TV show, apart of course from Lost which stunned me on friday night for the go-only-knows how many weeks running.
As people have been saying I’m “out of the loop” and “not syncing with society an its stratas” (whatever that means) I decided to buy a newspaper,  not a tits football and chav newspaper, oh no, I brought the Guardian of all things. Buying the Guardian, of course, means I have to sit in a coffee shop, drink a mochachocamegacino on the rocks, care about wars and the royals and pretend to write a novel on my laptop (even thought I’m secretly playing pinball). I can’t say its not a bad paper, it’s just that, for a simpleton, its not very eye catching an interesting. The most hilarious thing I find was “£470m nuclear white elephant” (sounded awesome, turned out to be about finance) or “Welsh hospitals to scrap car parking charges” (Not so awesome).
I turned onto page 5 or 6 to give myself a heart attack, as a broadsheet sized pic of Steven hawking glared back at me. I almost knocked over my mochachocamegacino. It was advertising a documentary, that was on tonight at 9 on channel 4, about his theory of the universe. The ad said “TIME AND SPACE MADE EASY”. The show really wasn’t. Think I might sue him; he must have some spare cash lying about if he can build a computer better than Microsoft and windows vista. The thing that really got my mind rolling (pun kind of intended*) was the fact that stars can bend and morph space and that if a atoms nucleus was marble sized, then the electrons would be 2 miles away from it.  Who would have known, or cared.
I find it puzzling that people, like hawking, have a strange fascination about life, the universe and everything.  Things like why are we here? What is emotion? What is the human condition? Where did we come from? Whats going to happen in the future? and that sort of stuff. What I think should happen is that we should set out humanities greatest minds, not to find out the answers to the ultimate questions, but to find out why people stuff like this.
Honestly, what in holy fuck is that?

(*For people who didn’t understand the pun, HES IN A FUCKING WHEELCHAIR….THEY ROLL)

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