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The Best Of The Mind Of Hobbs III

August 23, 2008
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Most Rappers Are Gay

I know it’s one in the morning, but i just had to share something.

This. The most unintentionally gay rap lyrics ever.


“Man I’m done saying that I’m done playing, Im’ma a start laying any of these motherfucking cocksuckers.”


“But I heard you blew a nigga with a ox for the phone piece.”


“I get paid to rip, step aside, Im’ma blow you.”

On a similar note there is also a list of the worst rapper names of all time also flaoting about on these interwebs. Including gems like “69 Boyz” and “Shorty Shitstain”. A list of the worst rock band names of all time is also up there. For instance, “Hootie and the Blowfish”, “Chumbawoomba” and “The Mr. T experience”. Meh, thats better than “The Dirk Benedict Explusion” I spose.

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