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TV Spotlight: Dexter

August 22, 2008


Lets get this out the way first, i love this show. The characters, the story, the style its just one of the best things on tv at the moment but ill give you a bit of background first.It is based on a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay the main character Dexter Morgan (played by Micheal C. Hall of six feet under fame in the series) is a forensic blood splatter anaylsist by day for the miami metro police department, by right he is well a serial killer who only kills people who have commited murder or rape so the serious crimes. i dont want to delve too much into it because you really have to watch it to ‘get it’ and i suggest you do. the character of dexter is so well written and acted that even though he is a serial killer you cant help but like him he is quirky and witty and has a charm to him that you just don’t get in other serial killers. i suppose it does help being based on a book than just written as even though i have yet to read the books you can tell through the show that the source material is top notch. currently on its 2nd season on FX which i am watching i suggest you go on and watch the first season because its awesome and will help you understand the character. The third season is airing in america on the 28th of september, i love it give it a try you might too.

Ben x

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