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Movie Picks: Star Wars The Clone Wars

August 22, 2008

last night i watched star wars: the clone wars, now ive loved star wars since the original trilogy and i enjoyed the prequel trilogy. so this was a bit of a odd cocktail.

to begin with this is my own personal plus it starts with a short series of clips explaining what has been happening but does so with a 1950s style voice over which is genius! as ive come to expect from star wars and mr.lucas the battles are epic as ever with the a slighty shift from mainly focusing on the jedi but also showing how the clone troopers fighter which is good. the style of animation was very beautiful it made me think of the old fantasy films where they used like clay models for mythical beasts so it had a element oldness and depth to it. i have 3 standout characters from the film 1. PLO KOON! 2. the moustached admiral that keeps popping up purely because you do not see enough moustaches in star wars and 3. Captain “im not ocelot but look how i spin these pistols” Rex the scenes with him are very cool.

the story is of a plot that jabba the hutts son has been kidnapped and the jedi are trying to find him. i dont like this story line one bit. i feel it weakens the character of jabba because it shows him all sad about his little boy he is crime lord im sure he would get over it. now star wars films have always had a warmth and humour in them but this ones are very odd. which leads me to the interplay between anakin and his padawan learner whose name escapes me so ill call her ‘Snips’ like he does. its just a very odd coupling, especially since anakin at that time between films 2 and 3 had just seen his mother die and slayed a whole village of tuskern raiders he is a brooding young man. i guess the film has a overall cutesy kid element to it to draw the younger audience and there parents for the its summer lets go see a film and what kid does not like lightsabers? i do!

To sum up its star wars the battles and animation is excellent if you can ignore the other elements it is an enjoyabe experience.

Ben x

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  1. August 25, 2008 4:16 am

    I had watched this movie, it’s nice but the graphics is not to my expectation thou. Overall, I will give a 4 to 5 star rating.

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