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The Best Of The Mind Of Hobbs II

August 21, 2008

Simple English

After watching star wars for the first time (Shock/Horror etc) I wikipedia’d darth vader and found wikipedia for simpletons here are some examples

Darth Vader is a character from the Star Wars universe. He appears for the first time in A New Hope. Vader is the main character of the Dark Side of the Star Wars series. He appears as a 2 meter-tall man dressed in black armor and a cape. His face is covered with a mask, which has a helmet on top.

Born as Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine, he was converted by Palpatine to join his cause and accepted to learn the ways of the dark side of the Force, defying his master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Darth Vader died in Return of the Jedi, but not before returning to the light, thanks to his son, Luke Skywalker. His mask lets him breathe and makes a scary noise when he does so.

A Dildo is a sex toy which a woman may put into her vagina or anus, or a man may put into his anus. Different objects may be inserted to produce arousal in the woman to the point of an orgasm. Sometimes dildos are shaped differently to provide better stimulation. Some dildos vibrate for extra pleasure; they are called vibrators.

A man is a male human adult (male:not female; human:a person; adult:not a child). We use the word “man” (one man, two or more men) to talk about biological sex.

Manhood is the time in a man’s life after he changes from a boy. A boy is a male human child, not a female child (a girl).

After boys grow, we call them a man. There are some times we also call a man a “boy”. For example, we often use the word “boy” when talking about adult males who have a partner, for example in the word boyfriend. Sometimes people also use the word in a bad way for a black man or male slave.

Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955) was a physicist. He received the Nobel Prize in 1921 for Physics.

Einstein is famous for his theories about light, matter, gravity, space, and time, which helps scientists to understand these things much better than they had before. His theories include the theory of special relativity and the theory of general relativity. His most famous equation is E = mc2. It means that energy and mass are different forms of the same thing, and that the amount of energy in a piece of mass is the same as the amount of the mass multiplied by the speed of light times itself (a very big number).

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