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The Best Of The Mind Of Hobbs

August 18, 2008

A Night In Paris [18+]

Now, it’s not that I’m a buntyman, its more that iI don;t see why the fuck a 10 year old has to wear skimpy thong underwear. I know children are growing up faster, but it doesnt mean that they have to wear training floss.
Well, apparently, it’s Abercrombie and Fitch’s fault that 10 year old girls are picking their underwear out of their arse. Many will argue that this company has displayed a total disregard for “decency” and wants to “sexualize” our “precious” “children.” I don’t buy it. When you walk into a shop, you don’t buy everything just because its there. You buy something beause you see it advertised or you think its “cool”. When it comes to clothes, many people, mostly idiots, follow celebs when it comes down to what to wear. As the overexposed celeb culture runs rife, more people will see coked up “stars” like Britney Spears rubbing her vagina all over a backing dancers face. As children see this as “cool”, “rad” or “awesome” they will want to copy but wearing undies similar to these:

Sisco would be proud

Lovely arnt they?

After that little rant I supspose I better get down to the point. People say explict music, violent horror films and mass murder video games are to blame to the corruption of youth. WRONG. Explict lyrics are more heard more from the parents than songs. There are more violent images on the news and in film. And how on earth can it be games when the top selling console is family friendly nintendo Wii. Its the massive obsession with celebs and watching how they act like pricks to get in the papers. If they put a age restriction on one young Miss Lohan or a night out in paris, alot more people would be happier.


P.S. I hate to admit to being wrong but I have found music is slightly to blame too. No, before you ask, it’s not rap, or pig raping death metal. It’s boy band pop. Another Levels “Bomb Diggy” is possibly the only song, actually the only thing ever to sexualize then term “piggyback”. Obvious when you think about it.
So for your viewing pleasure heres “Bomb Diggy” by Another Level.

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