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All Your Games Are Belong To Us

August 12, 2008

For another week, again, nothing big has happened in the games world. It’s getting kinda boring recently, but it is the big summer drought. I may have to save my sequelism/innovation rant for next week so I’ll birng you the little news that came out. If you live in japan or the US you can get into the expanded home beta but only if you download a bad looking theme and are on your PS3 23/24 hours a day. Pain trophies arrive on september 4th apparently, alongside the amusement park update. Im not paying for anymore PAIN shite. The original Driver comes to the PSN on thursday. If thats US only, us in the Uk will get in next year. Sigh.
On the 360 front Fable 2, the STD-gangbanging-bastardchild-fathering sim drops on the 24th of october,. but you can get the pub games very soon. New 60GB 360 is now in shops, pass on the price…..eeeeerrrr GTA4 on PC. not that anyone cares.
And….eerrrr..ummmm…..New Lara Croft. Nice!

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