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All Your Games Belong To Us

August 5, 2008

Hello, since we are broadening out are podcast it has been decided that we shall now write about games aswell as talk about them, just to make sure everything is covered.

As mentioned in podcast 3 I recently picked up Battlefield: Bad Company which a first person shooter much in the vein of Call of Duty 4 but then what shooter is not these days? Bad company does do something better than Call of Duty though for one the enviroments are much larger and explodable if you dont want to enter through a door blow a hole in the wall instead. all sorts of explosive fun can be had, my other major biggie from it is the story and the characters who are believable and humourous each with their own personailities and differences sticking true to the nature of bad company being a group of mismatch soldiers who are the first ones in. multiplayer is even more fun and hectic than the singleplayer especially when running around with friends, the only multiplayer mode is gold rush which see’s one team attacking the crates of gold and one team defending, its fun for a while but when your pushing on towards the top end ranks it can get rather tedious although apparently a new mode is on the way. if you enjoy first person shooters this would certaintly be one to pick up.

my other major news of this week is the trailer for Skate 2 which i am very psyched for since i actually played my Skate disc til it broke. lol. going from the trailer the two big edition ive been wanting of walking and handplants are in so its all good. thats all from me over to hobbs

Ben x

Being as though it’s late I can’t really be arsed to write a mammoth essay, but I’ll bring you guys the best news from the past week. Uncharted: drakes fortune, the best looking PS3 game from last year has been patched with trophy support, the trophies being the same as the in-game rewards, but they are not retroactive which means you’ll have to play through the game again, but I’m not gonna¬†complain as it’s sooooo good.
Ghostbusters has been moved back to 2009. Damn. LucasArts advertising for MMO testers. Just annouced OTOR MMO already. Square-Enix yet to begin FFXIII on 360. LuLz, Porn star tera patrick reveals all for saints row 2 as a “special Producer”. Nice Team Ico’s Next Game Possible next year double nice. my pick of the week as mention in the podcast is still Pixeljunk Eden for only a fiver over PSN whats not to like about it?

Much Hobbsness



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