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Ben Rant’s about: Advertising

August 3, 2008

watch this.

you may have to watch it again, it was after seeing it twice on tv last night that i realised i was not on crack and that it is a real advert for orangina. which i am going to raise a few points against. just to start with, who the fuck is cross-breeding animals and humans! thats gotta stop man, i can barely handle cats playing piano but thats just plain wrong. also whose fucking idea was it to think right we have the mutant human/animal hybrids lets get them to be overtly sexual and ride giant bottles of orangina. that is never a good idea! unless they are going for the sexual predator & beastiality market then they have that well and truely niched! finally WHY RECREATE A SCENE FROM FLASHDANCE! it was shit film then and its still a shit film now no amount of orangina on the body of a weirdo animal thing can change that. plus orangina is horrible, right im done for now.

Ben x

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